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Leading Cancer Research Institute
BC Group surpassed our expectations of the 'partner' relationship. The feeling of being part of our team and understanding and owning the success of our application development was very apparent.

What made you choose BC Group as a solution provider for your Longview application?

  1. We looked at the application needs as they related to Budget and Reporting it was apparent that the complexity of gathering the needed data elements, storing them in the appropriate dimensions and creating process around these issues was going to be a challenge that would require expertise beyond what we had in house.  I wanted to make sure that when we chose a solution provider for our project we were going to work with a 'partner' not a consultant.  I viewed BC Group as a 'partner' in our efforts to provide an integrated budget and reporting application.
  2. I was also looking for a partner that could bridge the IT / Business gap.  I needed a partner that could listen to the desired outcomes I wanted and help to design the solution from a business perspective as well as a technical perspective.  We have failed in the past when a consultant merely implements what you ask.  From a technical perspective the solution works but from a business perspective the solution fails.
  3. I felt that BC Group would provide the best 'partner' arrangement for our company as well as the ability to bridge the IT / Business gap.


Describe the experience of working with BC Group and it's consultants.

  1. Our experience with BC  Group and their consultants has been very beneficial to the operational reporting and efficiency of our budget and finance departments.  BC Group has helped to design, implement and sustain our applications.
  2. BC Groups approach of taking the time up front to discuss our needs both from a technical and a business 'end goal at the user' perspective provided great results.
  3. BC Group also maintained a comprehensive design document and project timeline and deliverables.  This allowed our management team to clearly understand where the project(s) were in the implementation timeline.
  4. BC Group surpassed our expectations of the 'partner' relationship.  The feeling of being part of our team and understanding and owning the success of our application development was very apparent.  Although BC Group is not specifically in the Healthcare Vertical they spent a lot of time and effort understanding our business environment and how our industry works.

What is BC Group doing right?
As mentioned above, BC Groups' approach to client satisfaction is what sets them apart from their competition.  I feel that the money we spend on consulting to support our Longview application's is well spent with BC Group.  They are very efficient and effective in successfully completing engagements.  I don't feel like I am paying a consultant to sit there while we make a decision to keep the project moving.  BC Group is managing the decision process and helping us to make informed and correct decisions in a timely manner.

I cannot stress enough the 'partner' feeling we have with BC Group.  They very much act like a part of our company and fit into our Vision and Values based on the work performed by their team.

What can BC Group improve upon?
BC Group has been a great partner in all aspects of our engagements.  I would not change anything.



Express your personal level of satisfaction with the service you received from BC Group.
From a personal perspective I am very satisfied with the level of service I have received from BC Group.  I know that when we have a project that BC Group is involved in it will be completed professionally, in a timely manner and always successfully.  


How have you seen your business impacted by the services provided by BC Group

  1. We have been able to change our internal budgeting process from a Top Down budget to a Bottom Up budget.  
  2. We have created reporting structures supported by the Longview application that provide web based reporting both graphically and through drillable reporting.
  3. We have provided a mechanism to move from a paper environment to an electronic environment where you don't wait for information to arrive by mail, you have it at your Device.
  4. These processes have allowed us to look at our business in a new way.  We can now look at data and make decisions at a more granular level.  We can understand and measure the impact of these decisions based on the trending seen in the data.
  5. These improvements are in no small part attributable to the hard work and insight provided by BC Group and their staff.

Leading Cancer Research Institute