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BC Group, LLC is a group of professionals with experience in the IT, Finance, Accounting, and Project Management fields.  We deliver innovative solutions that allow our clients to harness the power of a CPM application to meet their objectives. 

Key Benefits

•  Provide flexible staffing on an ad-hoc basis or establish a managed services type support structure to fully support a production application.

•   Since our resources are not vendor specific, our clients can rest assured that our intensions are to do the right thing for them and not attempt to hide any deficiencies in a product that we work with and even lean on other technologies to provide the best solution for our clients.

•   With future growth focused on expanding to other CPM applications, we are not vendor biased and present any pro and con to the best of our knowledge for our clients to make the best possible decision for their use of a CPM tool.


    •  Design/Architecture: ground-up design and development, or new functionality for existing applications.

      •  Implementation: full life-cycle implementation of new applications or new functionality within existing applications.

        •  Support: Support system administration activities, including upgrades, enhancements, custom configuration, and report writing.

          •  Documentation: Functional and technical documentation of newly implemented or existing applications system logic and/or functionality.


          BC Group was founded based on a need to provide third party technical resources to meet the demand of the clients using Longview Solutions' suite of products.  Throughout the years, we have been fortunate enough to collaborate with some very intelligent resources which have experience in other technologies to design solutions that best help our client needs.

          Our main focus is still with servicing clients and their Longview application, however, we are always looking for ways to best serve our clients and will be looking to expand our skill-set to other CPM applications.  This will enable us to better serve our clients and potential clients as they look to evaluate the future of their CPM solutions.


          Our experience with Longview Solutions' suite of products dates back to 1998 implementing version 2.4.  Since then, we have been actively working with the application through its releases and currently have clients on Khalix 3.5 through the latest version 7 release.

          Longview 7


          •   LV SmartClient

          •   LV Analysis and Reporting

          •   LV Server Manager


          •   LV Dashboard Designer

          •   LV Application Administrator

          •   LV Journal Entries


          •   LV Application Framework

          •   LV Excel Add-In

          •   LV Workflow Designer


          •   LV Desktop

          •   LV Input




          •   KLX for Windows

          •   KLX Input

          •   KLX Analysis and Reporting


          •   KLX Server Manager

          •   KLX Dashboard

          •   KLX for Excel


          •   KLX Journal Entries

          •   KLX Application Framework

          •   KLX ODBC


          •   KLX Workflow



          Additional Technologies

          Although the Longview products have been our focus, we have experience in the following languages.

          •   VisualBasic Scripting

          •   VisualBasic Macros

          •   Java Script

          •   HTML

          •   XML

          Future growth opportunities

          Based on the demand and where technology will be leading the industry, we will look to expand our services in other CPM applications.  Some of the future growth opportunities that we have identified are:

          •  Hyperion

          •  TM1

          •  Tagetik



          Industry Experience

          Since 1998, we have had the opportunity to work with companies in a multitude of industries.  In addition to giving us some exposure in these industries, it has given us valuable experience in configuring complex solutions regardless of the client being serviced.  An approach to a solution at one company can be leveraged to develop a solution at another client.  There have even been instances where we have brought two clients together to demonstrate how they use their application to give one another a better understanding of how they may be able to improve their application.

          The industries that BC Group has serviced over the years are:

          •   Aerospace & Defense

          •   Electronic Components

          •   Specialty Glass

          •   Metal Fabrication

          •   Utilities

          •   Advertising Agencies

          •   Entertainment

          •   Automotive

          •   Packaged Foods

          •   Healthcare

          •   Information Technology Services